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Entertainment Law

Want an entertainment lawyer or law firm to help and protect you?

Founded by Nashville entertainment lawyer and music attorney Zach Scott Gainous, The Fruitful Firm is a boutique entertainment law firm based in Nashville that provides legal expertise, advice, and representation to creative & talented people and businesses in the entertainment, music, and film & television industries.  Zach strives to be a top entertainment lawyer and music attorney, long-term trusted legal advisor, advocate, and general counsel for entertainers, creators, professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, and companies in the entertainment, music, and film and TV industries.

We help and protect entertainers, celebrities, creators, professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, and businesses in  music, film, television and live entertainment.

Nashville Entertainment Attorney Zach Scott Gainous

Zach Scott Gainous - Entertainment lawyer and founder of The Fruitful Firm

Whether you want to protect your creative freedom or control over your career or business, maximize your career opportunities or earnings, ensure your paid for you work and creations, or protect your copyrights, trademarks, privacy, reputation, property, or family, Zach can help you. As a Nashville entertainment lawyer and music attorney, Zach helps entertainment, movie, TV, and music industry clients on many issues, some of which include:

  • entertainment, music, film, and TV contracts, including advising on, negotiations, drafting, or handling disputes or litigation involving recording contracts, label or 360 deals, songwriter, music publishing, co-publishing, or pub admin agreements, featured actor, film or television appearance contracts, record producer deals, personal appearance, concert and touring agreements, movie and TV director, producer, or screenwriter agreements, artist manager or talent management deals, booking agent or talent agency contracts, team member or employment agreements, development, production, and distribution deals, and more,

  • intellectual property, copyright, trademark, and trade secret issues, including protection and registration, IP audits, take-down notices, termination of assignments and copyright recaptures, infringement disputes or litigation, and more, for our client's songs, masters or sound recordings, films or footage, TV shows, scripts or screenplays, videos, artwork, and other music or entertainment related intellectual property,

  • entertainment or related business and financial issues, including overseeing or assisting with entertainment or music royalty audits or disputes, music or sync licensing for film and TV, music sampling, licensing or sales of masters or sound recordings, sales of music publishing or song catalogs, merchandise or apparel royalties or sales audits or issues, etc.,

  • entertainment, music, movie, or TV industry or career advice or issues, including planning or discussion of career or business goals, needed finances, vetting or introduction to potential team members or employees, performing due diligence on career or business opportunities, etc.,

  • advising and representing entertainment clients with media related issues including reputation or defamation, publicity rights or name, image, or likeness concerns, claims, or protections, etc.

  • protecting our entertainment client's privacy, assets, property, or family, including advising and representing on their estate planning, real estate, or family law concerns, issues, and more.

The Fruitful Firm's managing attorney and entertainment lawyer Zach Gainous regularly advises and represents clients who work in the entertainment industries, including music, film, television, media, and live entertainment. Some of the types of entertainment industry clients Zach and The Fruitful Firm help and protect include:

  • Entertainers & Celebrities

    • Music or Recording Artists & Bands

    • Actors in Film, Television, & Stage

    • Comedians & Comics

    • Sports Entertainers or Pro Wrestlers

    • Podcasters, Social Media Influencers & YouTube Personalities

    • Celebrity Chefs & Restaurateurs

  • Creators of Entertainment, Music, Film & TV

    • Songwriters, Lyricists, & Music Composers

    • Record Producers, Beat & Loop Makers

    • Filmmakers, Movie or Film & TV Directors

    • Motion Picture, Film, & Television Producers

    • Script & Screenplay Writers for Movies, TV, Musicals, Theater & Stage

    • Authors & Writers of Fiction & Non-Fiction Books

    • Comedy Writers

  • Entertainment, Music, Film, & Television Professionals

    • Music Artist Managers & Booking Agents

    • Talent or Personal Managers for Actors, Actresses, Comedians, Comics, Entertainers, & Celebrities

    • Talent Agents for Actors, Actresses, Comedians, Comics, & Entertainers

    • Publicists & Marketers for Entertainers, Music Artists or Bands, Actors, Actresses, Comedians, & Comics

    • Entertainment, Television, and Music Journalists, Reporters, Hosts, Bloggers, & Podcasters

  • Entertainment Executives, Entrepreneurs, & Business Owners

    • Record Label & Music Publishing Executives, Entrepreneurs, & Business Owners

    • Film & Television Executives, Entrepreneurs, & Business Owners

    • Live Music & Entertainment Execs, Entrepreneurs, etc.

  • Companies & Businesses in Entertainment, Music, Film, & TV

    • Independent Record Labels

    • Small or Independent Music Publishers or Music Publishing Companies

    • Music Production Companies

    • Film & Television Production Companies

    • Small & Independent Movie & Television Studios

    • Recording Studios & Music Production Companies

    • Live Entertainment, Music, & Comedy Venues, Theaters, & Clubs

    • Live Entertainment & Music Event Promotion Companies

    • Marketing, Public Relations, or PR Firms or Companies for Entertainers & Celebrities

    • Entertainment & Music Publications, Websites, Blogs, & Podcasts

Ready to hire a top entertainment lawyer? We make it easy with our client intake process.

  1. Schedule your free consultation and complete our consultation form about your needs.

  2. Discuss your needs with Zach and learn how he can help you with your own custom made legal plans for your needs.

  3. Choose what plans you want to pursue based on your priorities and sign our attorney-client agreement.

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