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Entertainer Talent Management

We guide and protect the careers of our entertainer talent management clients.

Founded by Nashville talent manager Zach Scott Gainous, we are a boutique Nashville-based entertainer talent management firm that provides personal and career talent management services, advice, and representation to actors, actresses, comedians, comics, and film and television entertainers.

We strive to be one of the "go-to" talent management companies, long-term trusted advisors, representatives, and personal and career managers for some of the world's top actors, actresses, comedians, stand-up comics, and entertainers.


As a Nashville entertainer management company, we manage and work with talent who we believe want to and can become the most successful actors, actresses, and entertainers in the world and who also have the talent, intelligence, character, passion, and drive or work ethic needed.

Entertainment Talent Manager Zach Scott Gainous

Zach Scott Gainous - Principal entertainment talent manager, and founder of The Fruitful Firm

We advise, assist, and help entertainers and movie and television celebrities to help them efficiently reach their creative and business goals in entertainment and grow and maintain their careers as actors and entertainers.  Our talent management firm and talent managers work diligently to plan, protect, assist with, and oversee our acting, film, and TV career and personal activities to enable our clients to be able to reach their goals and focus on the things that matter most to them. 

Are you wanting an talent manager to help and guide you and your entertainment career?

We're selective about the actors, actresses, and entertainers, we work with and manage.  If you're an actor, actress, or entertainer, who wants to be considered for management by The Fruitful Firm, you can contact us by completing the submission form here.

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