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Learn your options. Own your success. Know you're protected.

You want to be successful and protected in your career, business activities, and personal life.

Uncertainty or Confusion

Bad Deals or Contract Disputes

Lack or Loss of Control

Missed Opportunities

Threats or Risks

Whether you're an entertainer, creator, athlete, public figure, or entrepreneur, you shouldn't have to worry about or deal with

Become a Client

We understand and are here to help.

Learn Your Options

You'll get advice from an experienced expert so you understand your options and any issues or risks to having success and protecting yourself.

You'll choose how we'll work together to maximize your chances of success, and how much risk you're willing to take in pursuing your goals.

Own Your Success

You'll eliminate your stress, fears, and worries so instead of your issues or risks, you can focus on more important things and what matters most to you.

Know You're Protected

We help to create success and protect entertainers, creators, athletes, public figures and entrepreneurs. As a client of The Fruitful Firm, we make sure that you

Become a Client
Become a Client

Zach Scott Gainous is the managing attorney, principal talent manager, and founder of The Fruitful Firm.


Zach has nearly 20 years of experience in the music, entertainment, and media industries, both in the creative and business sides.


Zach founded The Fruitful Firm to help clients like you who need advice and representation so that you can have the best odds of success and know you're protected.



Legal Advice & Representation

We help entertainers, creators, athletes, public figures, and entrepreneurs by providing legal advice and representation on their careers, business ventures, and select personal matters.

Talent Management

We manage the careers of music artists, bands, actors, professional athletes, comedians, and stand-up comics by providing talent or personal management advice and representation.

Become a Client

Here's How You Become A Client

1. Schedule Your Free Consultation

Tell us about yourself and when you would like to have a free consultation.

2. Tell Us What You're Looking For

Attend your free consultation with Zach and discuss your goals, concerns, and issues.

3. Sign Your Fee Agreement

Sign your fee agreement to learn your options, own your  success, and know you're protected.

Become a Client

"Zach showed empathy and compassion when addressing my needs. He listened to my concerns, answered all of my questions and developed a plan for every possible scenario that could come up. He was prepared and professional, kind and considerate. Zach was with me every step of the way. I would highly recommend Zach. Thank you so much, Zach!"

"So thankful to have found Zach Gainous to guide me through my first intellectual property contract. He was highly knowledgeable, great to work with, and made legal points easy to understand. Zach made important adjustments, gave every point more clarity, and ultimately produced a stronger contract. I have another project in the works...and will definitely be calling him again!"

"Zach was a huge help on this contract. His knowledge was insightful and answered many questions I had about the negotiations. His responses were friendly, prompt, and he immediately got back in touch when a new question arose. I would highly recommend Zach and I will certainly use him again as an attorney on any legal issue I had."

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