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Media Law

Need a trusted media lawyer or law firm to help and protect you?

Founded by Nashville media lawyer Zach Scott Gainous, The Fruitful Firm is a boutique media law firm based in Nashville that provides legal expertise, advice, and representation to creative and talented individuals and businesses in the communications and media industries.  Zach wants to be a long-term trusted legal advisor and advocate, and a "go-to" media lawyer and general counsel for media or public figures, and creators, professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, and companies in the media industries.

We help and protect public figures and media creators, professionals, entrepreneurs, executives, and companies in media and communications.

Media Lawyer Zach Scott Gainous

Zach Scott Gainous - Media lawyer and founder of The Fruitful Firm

Whether you want to ensure creative freedom or control over your career or business, to avoid or minimize your risks or liability, or to protect your property, privacy, reputation, or family, Zach and The Fruitful Firm can help you. As a media lawyer, Zach has the legal and media industry expertise to protect and help you. Zach and The Fruitful Firm regularly advise and represent media industry clients on many issues, including:

  • media contracts or related agreements, including advising on, drafting, negotiating, or handling disputes or litigation in media-industry employment, work for hire, personal or media appearance contracts, and more,

  • censorship and speech or First Amendment issues,

  • reputation or defamation, libel, or slander issues,

  • right of publicity or name, image, or likeness issues,

  • media or related copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets issues, including sales or licensing, royalties, protection concerns, and infringement claims,

  • business and financial issues for media figures, creators, professionals, or executives,

  • media industry or career advice or concerns, including vetting or doing the needed due diligence on potential opportunities, hiring or firing team members, etc.,

  • privacy issues or protection concerns for media creators, professionals, and public figures,

  • estate planning, wills and trusts, healthcare or incapacity documents, and family protection planning for media figures, professionals, creators, etc.,

  • real estate or personal property issues for public figures, media creators, professionals, execs, etc.

  • and family law matters for media creators, professionals, and public figures, including divorce, alimony, etc.

As a media lawyer and founder of The Fruitful Firm, Zach advises and represents clients who work or are involved in the communications or media industries including advertising and marketing, news and politics, entertainment, music, movies, TV, sports and athletics, technology, and more. Some of the media industry clients we advise and represent include:

  • Media Professionals, Creators & Public Figures

    • Journalists & Reporters

    • Television, Radio, News, and Podcast Anchors & Hosts

    • News, Politics, Sports, & Entertainment Commentators

    • Authors & Writers of Fiction & Non-Fiction Books

    • Bloggers, Content Creators, Authors & Writers of Blogs, Websites, Magazines, etc.

    • Advertising, Public Relations, & Marketing Producers, Consultants, Professionals & Creators

    • Publicists, Public Relations or Press Agents & Consultants

    • Photographers & Videographers

    • Television & Radio Meteorologists

    • Filmmakers, Movie or Film & TV Directors & Producers

    • Songwriters, Record Producers, Music Creators

    • Video Game, Mobile App, & Software Developers & Programmers

  • Media Executives, Entrepreneurs, & Business Owners

    • Advertising, Marketing, & Public Relations Execs, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

    • Book & Magazine Publishing Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, & Executives

    • Entertainment, Movie, Film, TV, & Music Executives, Business Owners, & Entrepreneurs

    • Podcast, Social Media, Blog, or Website Owners

    • News & Sports Broadcasting Executives

    • Video Game, App, & Software Executives & Entrepreneurs

  • Entertainers & Celebrities

    • Podcasters, Social Media Influencers & YouTube Personalities

    • Actors in Film, Television, & Stage

    • Comedians & Comics

    • Recording or Music Artists & Bands

    • College and Professional Athletes & Coaches

    • Sports Entertainers or Pro Wrestlers

    • Celebrity Chefs & Restaurateurs

  • Media Companies, Organizations, & Businesses

    • Book & Magazine Publishers

    • Social Media, Blogs & Websites

    • Advertising, PR, & Marketing Agencies & Firms

    • Podcast Production Companies

    • Photography & Video Production Companies

    • Record Labels, Music Publishing & Production Companies

    • Movie, Film, & Television Production Companies & Studios

    • Video Game & Mobile App Development Studios

    • Political Action Committees or Political Campaigns

Ready to hire a media lawyer? It's easy with our 3 step client intake process.

  1. Schedule your free consultation and complete our consultation form to tell us what you need.

  2. Discuss your needs with Zach and learn how he can help you with custom legal plans made just for you.

  3. Choose what plans you want to pursue based on your priorities and sign our attorney-client agreement.

Let's have a conversation, it's free.

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