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Our Firm's Approach

Our firm strives to be one of the "go-to" and top boutique law firms and talent management firms in the world.  As a law firm, we provide legal expertise, advice, and representation for creative and talented people and businesses across many industries and professions, including music, entertainment, and sports.  As a talent management firm, we provide career and personal management services, advice, and representation for music artists, bands, entertainers, actors, actresses, comedians, comics, and professional athletes and sports stars.

Our name says everything about our approach.

We produce good, beneficial, profitable, or helpful results for our clients.  Our first goal is to add value to our client's lives and businesses.  After seeing the poor value, advice, and representation many creative and talented people receive, Zach Scott Gainous, founded The Fruitful Firm, to add value to clients who need it most and ensure they get the best expertise, advice, and representation.

It works both ways too, and that's exactly how we want it.  Just as we produce good, profitable, or helpful results for our clients, our second goal is to work with and enable clients to produce good, beneficial, or helpful results for their own customers, and those they work with or serve, including our own firm.

We add value for our clients now and in the future.

In working with any client, our plan and strategy is more than just solving the immediate concerns or problems the client may have at the moment, but also adding value over the long term to their lives, careers, and businesses.  We do this by considering our client's long term potential future plans, risks, concerns, and goals, and how their immediate needs, issues, or concerns impact them long term.  We add value by providing the best expertise, advice, and representation to our clients that helps them now and in the future by looking out for and protecting our client's creative works, brands, careers, interests, businesses, assets, finances, property, privacy and families.  As a result, another goal is that our clients consider us long term trusted advisors and representatives who will be there for them long term, now and in the future.

We're selective about our clients & how we help them.

Unlike many other firms, we only work with clients who we believe we can help and add value to.  We only help clients in which we have a high level of understanding, experience, interest, or passion in their interests, industry, career, or profession, and the client's issues, concerns, or needs.  In addition, we help high character clients who are driven to succeed, and who understand and appreciate the value our firm brings to their lives, careers, businesses, and families.

We're dedicated to our clients and strive to remain client focused.

Often, clients of large firms, where the client is one of many hundreds or thousands of the firm's clientele and business, will not receive the firm's full attention and focus.  As a result, client's at larger firms will sometimes inadvertently fall through the cracks, with the firm failing to adequately communicate with the client, lacking attention to detail, or even occasionally missing deadlines or misplacing items or information.  Being a boutique firm enables us to give our clients the attention they deserve and as a result, our firm and team thinks and treats our long term clients as friends and family members.  In doing so, we strive to ensure that communications with clients are timely and clear, clients never feel lost, uninformed, or just another client of the firm, and that their issues, interests, and concerns receive the highest level of attention and respect.

We strive for clear & straightforward fees and billing.

Unlike a lot of other firms, another way we add value to our clients is by providing clear fees, costs, and billing expectations and procedures.  We strive to provide flat fee billing for legal services, advice, and representation when and where possible.  In the event that flat fee or flat rate billing is not possible, our fees will be billed and accrued at a reasonable hourly rate and any other costs or expenses will be deducted from a refundable "evergreen" retainer.  We always communicate prior to or as early as possible when any additional or outside costs or expenses will be required so as not to surprise our clients with expenses.  In some cases, we may take some clients on a "value added" or contingency basis taking a percentage of the client's gross revenues in a particular business or industry or a claim's recovery, and billing for any additional or outside expenses or costs.  For our talent management clients we work on a percentage commission of our client's earnings from the use of their name, image, and likeness and their work in their respective industries.

We're a modern firm.

Many firms seem to have a an issue with integrating and using modern technology.  In doing so many of these same firms cannot provide the most efficient service to their clients.  This will often lead to additional expense for the client, as the lack of efficiency in failing to implement and utilize the latest technologies costs the client unnecessary time and expense.  Our firm uses and implements the latest technologies and practices only if we can ensure they're safe and secure for our clients.  Whether it's utilizing practice management software, electronic or e-discovery software, or accepting credit cards or bill payments online, we strive to use technology to save our clients time, hassle, and money while keeping their information and files secure.

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